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Post-Surgery (Home Care) Instructions


Take all medications as prescribed by the doctor. Swelling will reach maximum in 72-hours after surgery. Swelling will begin to decrease after the third day. DO NOT STRETCH LIP BACK TO LOOK AT SURGICAL SITE AS THIS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE AND DELAY HEALING.



A little bleeding (or oozing) is normal -- when mixed with saliva it may appear more substantial. If in doubt, place a moistened tea bag over the surgical site and apply mild pressure for 20 minutes. If bleeding continues call us at 435.674.3636. If after-hours, please reach Dr. Starr at one of the telephone numbers given to you at your appointment.



During the first 24-hours eat soft, cool foods (milkshakes are great) which can be easily chewed and swallowed. Avoid hot foods such as coffee, tea or very hot soups. Avoid foods with small seeds that may lodge in the surgical site. Take nourishment regularly as this will help you to feel better, gain strength, have less discomfort, and heal faster. If you are a diabetic, maintain your normal diet and take medication as usual.



Brush and floss daily. Use a soft toothbrush throughout your entire mouth, being gentle around the surgical site. Oral hygiene is important for successful healing.



SMOKE, DRINK WITH A STRAW, SPIT, OR USE HOME AND/OR HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES OR MOUTH WASH FOR THE FIRST 72-HOURS as they will likely delay healing. Do not use hydrogen peroxide as it slows healing and will damage the healing tissue, and may cause cellular damage.



Depending on the surgery and the type of microsurgical sutures placed at the time of treatment, sutures will be taken out 48 hours to one week after surgery. We will schedule you for a suture removal appointment before you leave the office.



If Dr. Starr sends a biopsy specimen to a pathology laboratory, the results will be reported to you by the doctor at a post-operative appointment. You will receive a separate statement from the laboratory for their services. Medical insurance will often cover these services, however if you have questions, please call our office.

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