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We are crazy about clean -- we like to work in a sterile environment, and we're sure you'll appreciate that, too! You may take comfort in knowing that the following procedures are routinely performed:

  • The use of Purell Surgical Hand Sanitizer (as used in hospital surgical settings)
  • Frequently changing of gloves to prevent cross contamination
  • Face masks and glasses worn by doctor and staff

Additionally, the treatment room is carefully prepared for your treatment, including:

  • Chemical disinfectant of countertops and hard surfaces
  • Sterilization of all equipment (including all dental hand pieces)
  • Individual tray set-ups with sterile instruments utilized for all procedures

We change out protective barriers on surfaces after every treatment, to ensure you are treated in a clean and sterile setting, minimizing the possibility of cross contamination from patient to patient.

We also incorporate the use of a "rubber dam” during root canal procedures to isolate the tooth and provide a sterile environment for treatment, and to protect the patient from swallowing irrigants and/or small instruments used during treatment. We also provide sterile glasses to the patient to prevent mists and water spray from getting into eyes.

All instruments are either hand cleaned or put through a dishwashing cycle, then wrapped or packaged prior to sterilization. We sterilize all equipment using an autoclave, a device that kills bacteria and viruses using steam under high pressure. The specialized packaging we use allows the steam to penetrate during sterilization, then maintains sterility of instruments during storage.

All our sterilization procedures meet or exceed the latest CDC requirements. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our sterilization standards and procedures.

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