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Better vision is key to improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment. We incorporate the use of Zeiss surgical microscopes, the industry leader in optical quality, making the most minute details and finest structures inside your tooth clearly visible during treatment. This technology can be especially helpful in treating calcified teeth, retreating root canals, and detecting cracks.


Since Endodontists treat the small canals within a tooth, the use of surgical microscopes and digital radiography coupled with the doctors training and skill, dramatically enhance the treatment outcome.

The Nomad Digital Radiography system we use provides the highest quality images with the lowest radiation output as compared to traditional radiography. The sharp, clear image that can be manipulated on a computer monitor allows us to see the anatomy of the tooth in more detail. Digital images also help expedite treatment time.

Our top-of-the-line Adec Dental Chairs provide the ultimate in cushioned comfort during your procedure.

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